Grad student pollinator position at USDA through Utah State

Graduate Student Position for Solitary Bee Research Project
at USDA ARS Pollinating Insects Research Unit
through Utah State University, Logan UT


Master’s Candidate (conditional option for PhD)

Start Date: Fall 2017 or Spring 2018


Research Objectives:

  1. Determine the variation in developmental phenology of regional populations of blue orchard bees (BOBs) by maintaining regionally-specific bees under managed or unmanaged conditions. 2018 January-December; 2019 January-June.


  1. Determine the heritability of regional phenology traits for BOBs from California and Utah by examining population crosses in controlled experiments. 2018 January-December; 2019 January-June.


  1. Determine the difference in the retention of females between California and Utah BOBs used as pollinators in regions outside of their geographic origin by examining the dispersal and flight range of these populations in cherry orchards in regionally distinct environments. 2018 March-November.


Requirements: Acceptance to USU graduate program; Bachelor’s Degree in life sciences (e.g., biology, ecology, entomology, natural resources, botany) from accredited university; experience with bees and/or pollination desired.


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