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Watch this video to learn about the concept of Integrated Crop Pollination and how it might fit on your farm:

Check out this video from our 2015 Pollinator Week collection to hear Project ICP director Rufus Isaacs explain how we connect pollination and yield of blueberries in Michigan:

Watch the video below to learn about Cory Stanley-Stahr‘s take on the significance of pollinators on the world.

Check out this video on the 2014 Pritzlaff Award Winner, Claire Kremen


Check out the video below from Tanner Delvalle, a Horticulture Extension Educator at Penn State University. The video documents part of a Pollinator Inservice that was conducted.

Going wild could improve winged workforce. Check out the video below!

An interesting video from a bee’s perspective.

Check out the video below to hear Co-Project Director, Kelly Garbach describing Project ICP Objectives.