Project ICP Talks

2014 Entomology Society of America Symposium

Hear from the symposium organizers in this video. To look at the presentations by clicking on the links below this video.

To see the on-line symposium agenda look here.

Integrated crop pollination: From Concept to realityTheresa L. Pitts-Singer, USDA – ARS

Inventory of bees on the farmJason Gibbs, Michigan State University

Use of non-Apis managed pollinatorsCory Stanley-Stahr, University of Florida

Challenges of adding forage for bees in Cucurbit cropsKristal Watrous, Pennsylvania State University ; Mark Otieno, Pennsylvania State University ; C. Sheena Sidhu, University of California ; Cory Stanley-Stahr, University of Florida ; Rachael Troyer, Pennsylvania State University ; Shelby J. Fleischer, Pennsylvania State University

Mixing it up: Using blue orchard bees as supplemental pollinators to honey bees for almond pollinationDerek R. Artz, USDA – ARS

Contributions of managed and wild bumble bees to blueberry pollinationElizabeth Elle, Simon Fraser University

Status, trends, and uncertainty assessment of native bee habitat across the conterminous United StatesInsu Koh, University of Vermont

Using Communication Networks to Support Management Innovations & Integrated Crop PollinationKelly Garbach, Loyola University