Graduate Assistantships Available at USDA-ARS Pollinating Insect Research Unit (Logan, UT)

Posted January 2016:

The USDA-ARS Pollinating Insect Research Unit in Logan, Utah, is currently recruiting graduate students for both M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs at Utah State University.  The PIRU is a national leader in pollinator research focused on native and managed bees. Located on the Utah State University campus in beautiful northern Utah, the lab offers opportunities for students to study a variety of topics related to pollinators in addition to the high quality of life that comes with living in the mountains of Utah.  Research assistantships are available to qualified applicants and applicants are encouraged to contact the bee lab with questions.

Research Topics of Interest

  • Laboratory and field studies to improve the management of non-Apis bees.
  • Bee pathology including the interaction of honey bees and native bees and the dynamics of pathogen spread as influenced by parasites, nutrition and sublethal pesticide exposure.
  • Development of models that explain and/or predict pollinator declines.
  • Alfalfa leafcutting bee and blue orchard bee sustainability: environmental impacts, lethal and sublethal pesticide effects, parasite biology and control.
  • Bumble bee biology, reproduction, foraging, and crop pollination efficacy.
  • Bee taxonomy, systematics, biogeography, and population genetics.


Interested in these graduate positions? Send inquiries to:
Michelle Covert, 435-797-2524;